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Central Manitoulin Planning & Building Information

The Building Official is available between the hours of 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm, Monday to Friday at the Municipal Office located at 6020 Hwy. 542, Mindemoya.

Appointments are recommended. 

Raymond McPherson
Phone: 705-377-5726
Fax: 705-377-5585

Building By-Law 2023-10 is a by-law of the Municipality of Central Manitoulin respecting construction, demolition and change of use permits, inspections and fees.

Building Permit Application

  1. A completed Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish, including schedules #1, 2 and Energy Efficiency Design Summary (SB-10 or SB-12).
  2. A site survey plan showing the location of all existing structures and proposed new construction with measurements from lot lines. If building along Lake Huron shoreline, a Surveyor will be required to set the geodetic elevation of all structures.
  3. Construction drawings (from a qualified designer with a valid BCIN) with sufficient detail (foundation plan, floor plan, cross sections, elevations, details) to determine if the proposed construction will meet the minimum requirements of the Ontario Building Code.
  4. Payment of permit fee. (Value to be determined at time of application)
  5. Septic Approval from the Sudbury District Health Unit if required.  Building Permits cannot be issued prior to Septic Approval. (If applicable)
  6. Ministry of Transportation approval if within MTO, “Land Use Permit” control area.  Building Permits cannot be issued prior to MTO approval. (If applicable)  

A Permit can usually be issued in 10-30 days, provided the application is complete the drawings are adequate and all other required approvals have been issued. More complex projects may take more time. The Ontario Building Code stipulates the time frame to process an application for construction once all required documents have been supplied and all required fees have been paid.

A Permit is required for the construction or demolition of any building or addition, alterations/renovations, plumbing installations or alterations, swimming pool fences, installation of fireplaces, solid fuel burning appliances, chimneys, decks, commercial roofs, etc.

All structures within the Municipality of Central Manitoulin require a Permit of one kind or another.

Although a Building Permit is not required for a structure that is 15m² (161.29sq.ft) or less, a Zoning Compliance Application is required to be obtained as these structures are an accessory use and cannot be placed on properties without a primary type of structure on the property first.

A Structure is defined as; Anything put together with pieces and supported by the ground. 

The Ontario Building Code Act requires that a Property Owner obtain a Building Permit prior to commencing construction.

It is unlawful to start construction or demolition before obtaining a Permit.

Anyone who is charged and found guilty of building without a permit can be fined up to $50,000 for a first offence and up to $100,000 for repeated offences. Fines are even higher for corporations. Fines may also be levied if you don't follow an order from the building department.

Remember, It is the responsibility of the Property Owner to comply with all Federal, Provincial and Municipal Laws.

Failure to obtain the proper Permits can result in Double Permit Fees (as per Municipal By-law 2023-10), costly construction delays and/or legal action.

Please contact the Chief Building Official if you have any questions regarding permits.

  • An Occupancy Permit attests to the general conformance of the new construction or renovations to the Ontario Building Code based on the inspections undertaken at the completion of key stages of construction pursuant to the Building Code Act.
  • An Occupancy Permit does not certify or warrant the work or workmanship of a builder, only general conformance with the Ontario Building Code.
  • For the Municipality, it confirms that the minimum requirements for Occupancy, as set out in the Building Code have been met.
  • For legal representatives, it is a tool for assessing the status of the building/property.
  • For the Property Owner, it confirms that any identified Building Code deficiencies noted during any of the scheduled inspections by the Building Official have been resolved.

There are two kinds of Occupancy Permits: Partial Occupancy Permits and Final Occupancy Permits.

  • A Partial Occupancy Permit is issued where the Permit holder requests that occupancy be allowed to occur in an unfinished building. For a residential occupancy, minimum occupancy requirements, directed by the Ontario Building Code apply.
  • A Final Occupancy Permit is issued when construction is complete and all outstanding Building Code deficiencies, as listed in inspection reports, have been addressed.

Contractors/Homeowners/Representatives are required to contact the Building Department to perform an Occupancy Inspection prior to any habitation or use of the construction for which a Permit has been issued. Please ensure your construction has had an Occupancy Inspection by the Chief Building Official prior to use.

If construction has not commenced after (6)six months from the date of issue, or if construction has been suspended or discontinued for a period of more than (1)one year, then the Permit may be revoked and a new application must be submitted before construction can continue. 

  • Fees vary depending on the building type and nature of the construction.
  • Fees are usually based on area (in square feet) and type of building.
  • In general Fees are $12 per each $1000 of estimated value.  Estimated value is determined from Schedule "A" of Bylaw 2023-10.

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