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Central Manitoulin Animal Control and Dog Tags

All dogs are required to be tagged and be up to date on rabies vaccinations. Dog tags can be purchased by coming into the Municipal Office at 6020 Hwy 542 Mindemoya Mon. - Fri. 8:30am -4:30pm.

Animal Control Officer, Paul Methner

Animal Control By-Law 2022-12 

If you notice a loose dog in this municipality, please call the Animal Control Officer, Paul Methner at 705-795-0229. Tagged dogs will be returned to their owner. Should the dog require kenneling, fees may apply. Central Manitoulin will attempt to contact owners, however, should no owner come forth, the dog will be handed over to a reputable animal rescue organization for adoption. Euthanasia will only occur as a final resort under extenuating circumstances, such as injury.

Dog tags can be purchased at the Municipal Office at 6020 Highway 542 in Mindemoya.

  • Renewal starting January 1st to April 1st.
  • License shall expire December 31st yearly.
  • Dog Tags are $20.00 per year.

If you have further questions please read 2022-12 Animal Control By-Law

Dog per Licence


Annual Renewal


Renewals of Dog Licence before April 1st


Seeing Eye Dog

No Charge

Hearing Eye Dog

No Charge

Replacement Tag

No Charge

Kennel Licence


Dog Redemption Impound


Per Diem Animal Care Fee


Animal Surrender Fee





Column 1

Short Form Wording

Column 2

Provision Creating or Defining Offence

Column 3

Set Fine



Failure to procure a licence

Section 4



Kept more than the allotted dogs per household 

Section 5




Failure to affix the dog licence

Section 9 (1)




Misuse of dog licence

Section 9 (2)




Failure to notify change of ownership

Section 10 (2)




Failure to register a kennel

Section 13 (1)



Fail to comply with the

standards for kennels

Section 13 (2)



Owner/Operator fail to attend kennel every 12 hours

Section 13 (8)




Fail to prohibit a dog from running at large

Section 14 (1)




Fail to clean up and dispose of dog excrement

Section 15




Fail to keep dog in good health

Section 18




Fail to provide outside closure

Section 19 (1)




Keep dog on improper chain or rope

Section 20




Failure to prohibit a dog from disturbing peace, quiet comfort or repose of any person

Section 22



Fail to leash dangerous or potentially dangerous dog

Section 25 (1)





Fail to muzzle or leash dog as ordered

Section 26 (1)




Failure to notify of change of address

Section 26 (3)




Fail to notify about a

dangerous or potentially

dangerous dog at large

Section 27




Forcible retrieval of dog from Officer, vehicle or pound

Section 28 (1)



Fail to have dog immunized against rabies

Section 30



Permitting a dog to bite, attack and/or chase a person

Section 31



Permitting a dog to bite, attack and/or chase an animal

Section 31



Cause, permit or allow an animal to be confined in a vehicle

Section 32



Hinder or Obstruct  an officer 

Section 35


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