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Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event July 20 2024

Central Manitoulin ratepayers will be able to bring household hazardous waste the Roads building at 7 Lakeshore Road on July 20, 2024 from 1 pm to 4 pm.  This location is in conjunction with several other Municipalities. The Town of NEMI will have a separate event in the morning at the NEMI landfill. 

What to bring

From your workbench
•    Adhesives, glues, resins
•    Hobby Supplies, artist supplies
•    Latex, oil paints (SEE TIP)
•    Stains, thinners and strippers, Varsol, solvents, Linseed oil
From your garage
•    Car batteries, dry cell batteries 
•    Engine degreasers, brake fluids
•    Transmission fluids
•    Engine oil
•    Antifreeze
From your yard
•    Insecticides, herbicides, Pesticides
•    Propane cylinders (small)
•    Swimming pool chemicals and bleach (do not mix)
•    Wood preservatives
•    BBQ lighter fluids
From your house
•    Aerosol cans
•    Cleaners (oven and drain), spot removers
•    Hearing aid (button-style) batteries
•    Ni-Cad batteries
•    Photo chemicals
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Fluorescent light tubes (4 ft) and fluorescent bulbs 
•    Nail polish and Nail polish removers
•    Rat and mouse poisons

What not to bring

•    Ammunition, fireworks, explosives
•    Infectious and biological waste
•    Syringes (your local drugstore will handle those)
•    Radioactive waste
•    Unknown compressed gas cylinders
•    Tires
•    Old electronics and computers

To ensure safety

•    NEVER MIX CHEMICALS and NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous materials
•    Do not place waste in plastic garbage bags
•    Tighten caps and lids leaving material in original labeled containers
•    Sort and pack paint, pesticides and household cleaners separately
•    Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes and pad with newspaper
•    Pack your vehicle and go directly to the site

Municipality of Central Manitoulin, Townships of Assiginack, Billings, Burpee & Mills, Dawson, Gordon/Barrie Island, Tehkummah and the Town of Gore Bay

Date: Saturday July 20, 2024

Time:1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Location: Central Manitoulin Roads Building
7 Lakeshore Rd off Hwy 542/551

For More Info:  705 377-5726

Town of NEMI

Participant:     Residents of the Town of NEMI ONLY
Date:         Saturday July 20, 2024
Time:         8:00 am – 11:00 am
Location:     NEMI Landfill Site 
9571 Hwy 6, Little Current
For More Info: Little Current Office 705 368-3500

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