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Fire Season April 1st to October 31st Burn Permits

By law, you need a fire permit to burn wood, brush, leaves and grass outside during the fire season (April 1 – October 31) Daytime burning is prohibited. Burn permits are $5.00 and can be obtained at the Municipal Office at 6020 Highway 542, Mindemoya, ON.  

To determine if you need a burn permit review:

Open Air Burning By-Law 2020-14 
Open Air Burning By-law Amendment 2023-20

Call 705-377-5726 for more information on Burn Permits.

What is permitted when having a fire in Central Manitoulin?

Everything you need to know about having a fire is in By-Law 2020-14 and Amendment 2023-20.The by-laws provide for the regulation of open-air burning and precautions to be taken while burning.

There are several items to consider when setting a fire:
• Burning times and procedures:
  • April 1 to October -The fire is started not earlier then two hours before sunset, and is extinguished not later then two hours after sunrise the following day, or earlier during the fire season April 1 to October
  • November 1 to March 31- The fire is started not earlier then two hours before sunset and is extinguished not later than two hours after sunrise the following day or earlier during November 1 to March 31, as per Ontario Outdoor Fires Regulation 207/96 s. 2.4. And furthermore, to include notification to the Municipality of burning activity by filing a burning permit application which must be approved by the Fire Chief
• Set fires in safe conditions.
• Don't set a fire within 8 metres of structures or combustible objects
• Don't set a fire in burn barrel in a non-designated area
• Don't set a fire without burn permit when a permit is required for specific types of open-air burning. (i.e. brush and clean wood products)
• Don't burn prohibited materials
• Have a competent adult person in charge/control of the fire
• Don't leave or abandon unextinguished fires
• Have fire control tools or extinguisher readily available
• Don't reduce visibility on a highway
• Don't cause a fire that spreads
• Don't start a fire that impacts neighbours adversely
• Don't set a fire during a Municipal Fire Ban
• Don't set a fire in a Restricted Fire Zone
• Don't set a fire on highway or asphalt
• Don't set an unauthorized fire on Municipal property
• Don't set fire in a prohibited areas
• Don't set an oversize campfire
• Don't hinder or obstruct an officer

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