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Short-Term Accommodations (STA)

The Municipality of Central Manitoulin has adopted 2022-09 Short Term Accommodation By-law that requires Short-Term Accommodations (STA) to register their properties to operate.  

Short Term Accommodation (STA) means a private residential dwelling (or part of dwelling) that are rented to provide accommodations to a person or persons on a temporary basis for a period of less than 30 days.

  1. Apply using application registration form
  2. Pay registration fee
  3. An inspection will be arranged with the Fire Chief
  4. Follow all requirements from the Fire Chief and ensure all application attachments are submitted
  5. Once approved, licence will be prepared to pick up.

If an application is denied for any reason, the applicant will have an opportunity to speak to Council at a FED council meeting.

STA Registration Fillable PDF 

Once completed, email to or drop off at 6020 Highway 542 Mindemoya   

or mail to:

Municipality  of Central Manitoulin

P.O. Box 420

Mindemoya, ON   P0P 1S0 

STA Registration Fees:

HOSTED (lives on site of STA rental)  $650.00/Annual renewal $200.00
UNHOSTED (does not live on site of STA rental)  $800.00/Annual renewal $500.00

Important: Once approved, you will be notified when your permit is ready for pick up. Your Licence number must be included in all advertisements and internet booking sites. The licence will be laminated and must be attached to the main building or placed in a window visible near front door.

Unregistered short-term rentals may be subject to fines and penalties, including a ban on registering the property in the future as an STA.

STA Tip Complaint Forms

Complaint Tip Form

Once completed email to or drop off at 6020 Highway 542, Mindemoya    or mail to:
Municipality  of Central Manitoulin
P.O. Box 420
Mindemoya, ON  P0P 1S0 

  • Penalty for operating without an STA licence $1000.00 per week
  • Council Appeal Fee $500.00
  • Investigation Fee Up to $600.00

Charges per day under the POA system


Column 1

Short Form Wording

Column 2

Provision Creating or Defining Offence

Column 3

Set Fine



Advertising, facilitating or brokering an unregistered short-term rental

Sec. 3.4



Advertising a short-term rental without a registration number

Sec. 3.14



Renting an entire unit for more than the maximum number of permitted days

Sec. 3.15



Refusing to serve a person accompanied by a service animal

Sec. 3.16



Failing to notify the Municipality of a change in licensing or registration information

Sec. 3.17



Failing to provide emergency contact information to a guest

Sec. 3.18



Failing to provide information regarding 9-1-1 service to a guest

Sec. 3.18



Failing to provide a diagram of exits from the building

Sec. 3.18



Renting more than one short term unit per property accommodation

Sec. 3.19



Failing to register a short-term rental

Sec. 3.20



Fail to keep complete transaction record for 3 years

Sec. 8.6



Failing to provide transaction records within 30 days of a request from the Municipality

Sec. 8.6



Hinder or obstruct an officer

Sec. 9.9


General Questions 
Sue Meert - By-Law Enforcement Officer
705-377-5726  x23

STA Registration Inspections
Raymond McPherson - Chief Building Official
705-377-5726 x 36

Fire Code Inspections
Fire Chief Phil Gosse

Hayley Nicklasson - Accounts Receivable
705-377-5726 x 21

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Mindemoya, ON P0P 1S0
Tel: 705-377-5726
Fax: 705-377-5585
Email Us
Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM ET
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