Short-Term Accommodations (STA)

The Municipality of Central Manitoulin has adopted 2022-09 Short Term Accommodation By-law  that requires Short-Term Accommodations (STA) to register their properties to operate.  The Municipality has enlisted the services of a company named Harmari to facilitate portions of the administration of STA's.

What is an STA?

STAs include single-family homes, garage apartments, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, and multifamily units.  If you rent your home or other dwellings for less than 30 days, you will be required to obtain a STA permit.

Registration Process

STA Registration Link (External)

Important: Once approved, your permit number will arrive by email.  Include it in advertisements and internet booking sites. 
Unregistered short-term rentals may be subject to fines and penalties, including a ban on registering the property in the future.

STA Tip Complaint Forms

Complaint Tip Form (External)

Nuisance Hot line Toll Free Number: 1-844-216-7324


Initial Registration STA licence fee – HOSTED property $650.00
Initial Registration STA licence fee - UNHOSTED property $800.00
Renewal STA licence fee HOSTED $200.00
Renewal STA licence fee UNHOSTED $500.00


Penalty for operating without an STA licence $1000.00 per week
Council Appeal Fee $500.00
Investigation Fee Up to $600.00

Short-Term Accommodation By-Law 

2022-09 Short Term Accommodation By-law

About Harmari

The Municipality has enlisted the services of Harmari to facilitate portions of the administration of STA's. Harmari was developed by LTAS Technologies to analyze online classifieds, e-commerce and social media sites to identify pages suspected of fraud or criminal activity.  Harmari Tools can be used in investigating auto theft, auto fraud, and curbstoning, criminal investigations, insurance fraud, tax scofflaws, and unlicensed businesses.

Harmari STR helps with Short Term Rental Compliance with Taxcrawler, which helps with identifying and monitoring properties for lodging tax collection, licensing and code compliance.


General Questions 
Sue Meert - By-Law Enforcement Officer
705-377-5726 x29

STA Registration Inspections
Raymond McPherson - Chief Building Official
705-377-5726 x 23

Hayley Nicklasson - Accounts Receivable
705-377-5726 x 21

A Little About Central

The Municipality of Central Manitoulin is located in the centre of Manitoulin Island with an abundance of lakes, rivers, and beaches. The Municipality includes the villages and hamlets of Mindemoya, Providence Bay, Spring Bay, Sandfield and Big Lake. We offer diverse attractions and unique landmarks such as our sandy beach in Providence Bay or access to Lake Manitou, the largest lake on the island. We invite you to visit our community in the "heart" of Manitoulin Island. 

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