Press Release: Recreation Infrastructure Committee Proposal for Energy Efficient Five Points Community Centre

Friday, May 28, 2021

At the May 27, 2021 Municipality of Central Manitoulin Council Meeting the Central Manitoulin Recreation Infrastructure Committee made a proposal to Council regarding the potential for a multiuse recreational facility. The committee Chairperson Adam Smith presented a slide show through Zoom video/teleconference of the committee’s findings and recommendations over the past 6 months. The committees mandate is "To explore the feasibility of all recreational facilities and venues with an emphasis on a multi-use recreational facility." With an objective "To gather and evaluate relevant information related to recreation services for the purpose of improvement. To evaluate the ability of the current facilities to meet the identified needs of community members and user groups." 

Excerpts from the presentation:

Some reiterated points in the proposal were that the facility was "not just a hockey rink," and that "whatever the fate of the Old School is that there is a plan to work around it." Further that the plan would relocate ‘B’ Ball Field within the same property.  "That council and the taxpayers can be reassured that we do not want to add a burden to the Municipal taxpayers, that we as committee members are taxpayers and that fiscal responsibility is the top priority of this committee."

"The Recreation Infrastructure Committee is conducting their due diligence in searching for common goals and solutions for Central Manitoulin Recreation Infrastructure so that future generations can look back and say that it was done right and that all options were explored properly at the time. To this point the committee has found that the most feasible option is a new multi-use facility dubbed the “Five Points Community Centre” with an economically viable arena and a partitioned multi-use area with room for phased in expansion in the heart of the Municipality at the Municipal Complex property in Mindemoya, ON."

"A tightly controlled budget with cost recovery from energy efficiency and green technology investment with an aim for a Net-Zero facility will be at the forefront of the project to make it a reality. Working together the communities of Central Manitoulin can come together to create a solid plan for the future and bring under control expenditures on old infrastructure maintenance, retrofits and accessibility upgrades while revitalizing Central Manitoulin."

"In summary this is a modern multiuse facility with a Net Zero energy efficiency aim that will promote and revitalize recreation, entertainment and business for all ages and abilities in Central Manitoulin.The committee in conducting community consultation welcomes community input from user groups and residents in coming up with the best design and financially feasible uses. That council and the taxpayers can be reassured that we do not want to add a burden to the Municipal taxpayers, that we as committee members are taxpayers and that fiscal responsibility is the top priority of this committee. The positioning of the facility is not set in stone, that we are open to design and placement suggestions that still bring us within our ultimate goal."

The committee’s requests of Council included:

"This committee is asking Council to come up with a dollar figure that is feasible and acceptable for the total Municipal contribution to the project so the committee can work within and leverage that figure.

Secondly, for support in principle in its next steps of moving forward with costing out the build by way of finding a designer/architect to design the build so costs could be drawn from the presented design. Three (3) tender quotes would be required. RFT’s will be sent out to local companies as well as advertising the RFT as per municipal policy. However, we are looking for a specific skill set in designing a facility with an aim of Net Zero. This design will be key in our next step in calculating the potential energy consumption vs savings, as an example the type of roof and its output capability for solar panels.

Finally, the committee requests the Municipality to continue and expediate the portions related to this project of an updated asset management plan so that costing and comparisons can be completed in an accurate and timely manner."

The committees request was supported in principle with the motion:

160-2021 MOTION D. Stephens and Shaffer
That Council supports in principle the presentation of the Five Points Community Centre proposal and further that the presentation be accepted by Council…….Carried


Part of the RFP process will be additional consultation with the public. The committee conveyed they are open to suggestions as it was very important to the committee that the information is open to the public and that information is not misrepresented, and that misinformation is not perpetuated. 

Staff person Marcus Mohr, the Community Development and Outreach Coordinator is accepting input on behalf of the committee and will distribute comments questions and concerns.  He may be contacted at 705-377-5726, email or by mail at P.O. Box 187 Mindemoya ON P0P 1S0. 

Please take the time to review the 50 page proposal at Five Points Community Centre Proposal - Central Manitoulin Recreation Infrastructure Committee (9.5mb)

A compressed version of the  Compressed Five Points Community Centre Proposal - Central Manitoulin Recreation Infrastructure Committee (4.8mb)

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