The next census is coming up in May 2021.

Friday, April 23, 2021
There are 10 days until the 2021 Canadian Census.
The census is an important part of our heritage that allows us to better understand our country, provinces, towns and neighbourhoods. It also helps governments make more informed decisions and policies. But how does it benefit you and your community specifically? And how does your contribution make a difference? In addition to doing your civic duty, there are many other advantages of participating in the census.
Infrastructure. Communities are constantly evolving, with residents aging, starting families and new members moving in, and there is no better way to track and document these demographic characteristics than through the census. Once data is gathered, community organizations and local authorities can make stronger arguments for planning and infrastructure that meet your neighbourhood’s needs.
Transportation. Do you use public transportation to get to work? Are there enough local buses for your teens to get around on their own, or long-distance buses for you to conveniently visit out-of-town family? The census collects information about commute times and public transit use, which can be used to create new bus routes and even add lanes to existing congested roads.
Culture. Each community has a unique makeup of people in different life stages, whether it’s retirees or young families. Thanks to census data, provincial and federal governments are able to offer support services and programs that are tailored to their residents, such as daycare centres, schools and retirement residences.
The next census is coming up in May 2021. Help your community get the most out of it by participating—you can do it online or on paper. Find more information on the census website at

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