COVID Technology Adoption Fund (CTAF)

Monday, August 24, 2020

Below is a brand-new funding program that you can apply for to expand your business capabilities. Blue Sky Net asked us to share their new COVID Technology Adoption Fund (CTAF) ( - CTAF will provide eligible businesses, start-ups, municipalities, and Indigenous communities across Northern Ontario with access to capital grant funding to acquire digital technology and e-business and marketing solutions to ensure they can survive and adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

Blue Sky Net is an Information Communication Technology Development organization (ICTN) that covers North, Bay Sudbury and Manitoulin Island areas. They are funded by the Government of Canada, through FedNor to come up with solutions for rural internet access, collect data for internet upgrade proposals and assist with education and expansion on knowledge in communities around information and communication technology (ICT).

CTAF will provide: Capital grant funding for eligible applicants of up to $10,000 with a minimum contribution of 25% from the applicant towards the project and guidance and assistance for applicants.

Eligible project types for digital technology and e-business and marketing

  • Productivity
    • Time tracking software for mapping out where time is spent
    • Streamline work processes with digital dictation
    • Use project management and task management tools to stay on top of daily responsibilities
    • Create a filing system to make it easier to sort, save, share and find documents
    • Develop an efficient email management process that makes it easier to stay on top of the flow of messages

 2.     Financial Management

  • Use an on-line invoicing service to reduce the cost of collecting from customers
  • Use on-line budget tracking to keep on top of, and reduce expenses
  • File reports more efficiently on-line
  • Use a comprehensive accounting software to streamline business finances

3.    Social Marketing Solution

  • Use software to create a marketing plan that they can edit, update and share with their team
  • Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc. to promote their business, products, and services

 4.     Collaboration & Learning

  • Webinars or web conferences for keeping everyone informed with travel-free face-to-face time
  • Expand their knowledge and empower their team with on-line business training
  • Set up an Intranet for local file sharing
  • Communicate quickly and clearly with team messaging software

 5.     Customer Service

  • Use social media to conduct customer service and CRM set-up
  • Set up an on-line help desk or ticket system to handle customer issues
  • Allow clients to schedule appointments on-line at their convenience
  • Use on-line surveys and questionnaires to seek customer feedback

 6.     Mobile Working & Commuting

  • Create a mobile office that allows them to work productively from anywhere
  • Try remote desktop applications to access files on their computer
  • Help companies go paperless, to save money on supplies and storage in their office


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