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The Municipality has created the "Manitoulin Camp Check" program which is a proactive approach to limiting travel to Manitoulin Island during COVID-19. The program advertises and provides information to seasonal residents regarding resources available to them, including a list of professional companies that they can contact to check on their property investments. Permanent residents should also consider reaching out to seasonal resident friends to see if they can offer their time. It also aims to help permanent and seasonal residents to work together to check on property investments.  We appreciate seasonal residents contributions to the economy and the local culture and these measures are only taken out of concern for the anticipated mode of spreading the virus, which is human travel and the resource strain it will put on the areas health care system and supply chain.

Seasonal Residents/Non-permanent Residents

Seasonal residents or non-permanent residents are encouraged to reach out to friends on Manitoulin Island or hire a qualified contractor, property manager or property maintenance professional instead of travelling during the COVID-19 public health situation. A list of property professionals that you can contact is listed below in a PDF. While there are currently no laws preventing travel to seasonal residences on Manitoulin Island, it is advised by all level of Government not to do so. Travel to areas that are not your permanent residence area, especially rural areas can overload the health care systems and other resources in times of a health crisis such as this.

Manitoulin Camp Check Property Management/Maintenance List 04/30/2020


Please consider offering your time to check on your seasonal friends properties for them. We are all in this together and we need to offer help instead of demands. We must offer solutions and promote working together.

Qualified Property Managers

We are currently seeking professional property managers, contractors and maintenance people to add to a website list for seasonal residents to contact for camp checks. Please contact Marcus Mohr at 705-377-5726 M-F or email

*The Municipality of Central Manitoulin is supplying a list of property managers, maintenance professionals and contractors for informational purposes only and is not liable for and does not endorse any person or business on the Camp Check Property Managers & Maintenance list.

A Little About Central

The Municipality of Central Manitoulin is located in the centre of Manitoulin Island with an abundance of lakes, rivers, and beaches. The Municipality includes the villages and hamlets of Mindemoya, Providence Bay, Spring Bay, Sandfield and Big Lake. We offer diverse attractions and unique landmarks such as our sandy beach in Providence Bay or access to Lake Manitou, the largest lake on the island. We invite you to visit our community in the "heart" of Manitoulin Island. 

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